News 30.05.2022

Gillespies supports the Landscape Institute's new TMLI route into Landscape Architecture

In an aim to widen access to the landscape profession, the Landscape Institute has launched a pilot scheme seeking 50 landscape professionals to take the Experienced Route to Technician (E2T50) to become the first Technician Members of the Landscape Institute (TMLI). This is a new route into the industry for those who have experience in landscape but may not have the recognised qualifications.

We are proud to have supported the Landscape Institute in developing this new routeway into the Institute as part of a wider working group and are thrilled to see the success this new initiative is having in diversifying the industry and developing the next generation of landscape professionals.

In 2020, Gillespies’ Hale studio employed Ritchie Sanderson-Brown as a Graduate Landscape Planner. Seeking professional recognition for his accomplishments at Gillespies so far, he has since successfully applied to the route to becoming a TMLI as part of the first wave of applicants. Ritchie holds a degree in Environmental Science from Bangor University but wishes to pursue a career in landscape planning. This pathway will allow him to gain the qualifications and hands-on training required without the expense or delay of pursuing a full landscape university degree or masters.

Ritchie Sanderson-Brown (pictured) said “I am excited to demonstrate my experience to the Landscape Institute and see the results of my project submission for the course. The opportunity to further connect with the other landscape professionals in the industry will be invaluable. The support Gillespies has provided so far has been excellent and I am particularly grateful to my colleagues in the landscape planning team”.

With little expense to practices, the TMLI and LI Apprenticeship scheme is simply too good to ignore, offering an opportunity to discover more talent, skills and knowledge and future-proof the landscape profession. Learn more about the TMLI route here.