News 19.06.2024

Gillespies supports charity Plantlife with first fundraiser

Gillespies is proud to be supporting charity Plantlife this year, in their mission to secure a world rich in wild plants and fungi.

Wild plants and fungi underpin the health of our environment. They can help us to resolve the climate, ecological and societal challenges which we face. Protecting them will lead to a world full of colour, beauty and life while allowing the plants and the animals which depend on them to thrive.

Over the past week we held our first fundraiser, a Charity Shop and Plant Sale, across our Leeds, London, Manchester and Oxford studios, with goods kindly donated and purchased by staff. Our Leeds studio even took to auctioning some highly sought after items! What a great way to share some home-grown seedlings and reuse some unwanted items, helping to reduce waste while raising money for this worthwhile charity.

A big thanks to everyone who donated their goods, time and money to this event, with over £300 raised so far!

If you would like to support us in our mission, you can donate here.