News 01.03.2016

Stephen Richard's selected as guest speaker at the Melbourne Metro Rail Design Workshop

Stephen Richards, Partner at Gillespies, will present on the theme of 'urban infrastructure' and the delivery of four urban realms in central London for Crossrail, London's new high capacity east-west rail link.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a range of stakeholders to discuss design considerations for Melbourne's proposed new Metro Rail Project, and to learn from experiences of other similar projects.

The design for Melbourne's Metro Rail project has now reached Reference Design Stage. This design has been developed by MMRA and their consultant team to represent the State Government's requirements for the project.

Attendees will include key senior staff from the The City of Melbourne and Melbourne Metro Rail Authority.

The talk will take place at 11am on Tuesday 2nd March at The Docklands Library in Melbourne, Australia.

Read more information about the project here