News 26.03.2021

Gillespies Competition: Design an Easter Egg on the theme of Nature Connectedness

If you are looking to get creative this Easter, then why not enter our annual ‘Design an Easter Egg’ competition.

We are hugely excited to open this competition up to the public for the very first time – and this year’s theme is Nature Connectedness.

Open to anyone, we are looking for the best designs that celebrate Nature Connectedness – this theme is open to interpretation, but it could be ‘the relationship between people and nature, the good nature does for us, or perhaps even the good we can do for nature.’

We are Eggcited to see your designs! ­

How to enter

Using the A4 template attached (link below), you can illustrate/animate/build your creation however you like. You can fill the template in digitally or print it at A4 and scan/photograph your designs, but please make sure they are high-res.

The Deadline is 2pm BST, Monday 12th April, with the winners of the public and Gillespies’ staff entries announced via Instagram on the 13th April.

Competition Guidelines:

  • The theme for the design should focus on your/our connection to nature, and use the shape and size of the following egg template at A4 (Portrait):
  • In addition to your design, please also send through a single line of text or title to describe your piece.
  • All entries must be received by April 12 @ 2pm BST
  • Submit your entry to
  • Design must be submitted as a .jpg/.png/.gif
  • Format must be A4 Portrait / 297x210mm @ 300dpi or equivalent in other formats
  • Design must be original and suitable for publication on Instagram - Please send your Instagram handle/account name if you are happy for your entry to be tagged
  • The file must not be larger than 10MB
  • You can submit as many entries as you like
  • Your design will be given a number and judged anonymously by Gillespies’ Partners
  • The winners and other entries will be featured on our website and via Instagram

Good luck to you all!

Image: Last year's entries on a 'Landscape' theme.