Press Release 13.08.2020

Gillespies appointed to undertake a Landscape and Visual Sensitivity Study of Telford and Wrekin Borough

Our expert team of landscape planners have been appointed to undertake a Landscape and Visual Sensitivity study of Telford and Wrekin borough as part of the Council’s Local Plan Review.

Landscape sensitivity is a measure of the potential of a landscape or visual resource to successfully accommodate change brought about by a specified development – in this case, housing, employment and mixed-use development. Sensitivity studies are becoming increasingly important in the management of future landscape change as, by understanding the resilience of the landscape and visual resource though the process of sensitivity assessment, the right development can be targeted to the right location and negative effects to the surrounding environment can be reduced or avoided altogether.

Sarah Gibson, Head of Landscape Planning at Gillespies, commented:

"We look forward to helping Telford and Wrekin Council deliver a long-lasting and prosperous legacy for the borough and its residents. Our study will ensure that developments are located in the right place and supported by the appropriate infrastructure and amenities, which in turn will strengthen communities, promote health, well-being and sustainable housing and employment growth across the borough."