News 04.01.2018

Gillespies appointed to deliver the third phase of Stockport Exchange

Gillespies have been appointed by MUSE developments, as part of a wider design team to develop the public realm proposals for the new commercial office block -2 Stockport Exchange, which forms phase 3 of the overall masterplan.

This phase of the project builds upon the outline design and masterplan proposals developed in 2011 and the recently completed and successful Phase 2. The public realm in this phase plays a key role in terms of establishing continuity, and creating a seamless extension of phase 2, whilst also setting the tone for future phases.

The public realm associated with this phase and subsequent phases does have a different context to respond to, in terms of function, scale of space and building character. There is a natural evolution of the public realm design that when viewed in the masterplan context is coherent but at an individual plot level will be tailored to create an appropriate and contextual piece of public realm

The public realm proposals consist of permanent and temporary landscaping, reflecting the phased nature of the masterplan.


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