News 16.09.2015

Four cherished and protected landscapes to be transformed by the removal of pylons

National Grid has announced a project to improve and conserve the scenery of four protected landscapes by removing electricity pylons and overhead lines that currently traverse the landscape. The pylons will be replaced with underground cables in three national parks - near Hale in the New Forest, near Dunford Bridge in the Peak District and near Porthmadog in Snowdonia - and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) near Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset.

Gillespies conducted a visual impact study of five out of twelve shortlisted sections of transmission line in eight protected landscapes to assess and comparatively appraise the effects of the existing infrastructure on the landscape and visual amenity. The work undertaken by Gillespies has helped to identify preferred outline mitigation solutions, and ultimately assisted an independent Stakeholder Advisory Group to decide which areas should be prioritised.

Hector Pearson, from National Grid, said: "This is a unique stakeholder-driven project, and it continues to represent a major opportunity to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife, cultural and environmental heritage of some Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks."