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LandLabs 19 - guest speaker Sandeep Menon on Living landscapes: learning from the nature-culture continua

For our 19th LandLabs session, we were joined by Sandeep Menon, who talked about his research into socio-ecological resilience in indigenous community practices in south Asia, and what we can learn from them.

Busra Yilmaz, who hosted the session, said: "Sandeep`s talk helped us to see landscapes in a very different way. The examples he discussed showed knowledge systems which were new to us, and alternative practices which work really well inside their own ecosystems. He showed how community stakeholders' intangible values and sense of identity can have a major positive impact on nature and their environment."

Sandeep is a practising landscape architect and an academic tutor at Manchester School of Architecture (MSA), and was involved in the European Union Erasmus Plus research project for Building Resilient Communities.

Watch Sandeep's LandLabs session below.