New Cairo Masterplan

Cairo, Egypt

New Cairo Masterplan

This bold masterplan that flanks the eastern edge of New Cairo City delivers a modern, liveable community with a mix of commercial, residential, hospitality and entertainment, with a key focus on student living and incubator business start-ups. A human-centric park sits as the crown jewel at the heart of the development.

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Solidere International approached Gillespies to support the masterplanning process and provide conceptual public realm visioning for this unique site directly adjacent to the famous American University of Cairo.

Five key sub-plots front a major green open space in the centre of the masterplan, activating it as a significant parkland and community resource with a unique and diverse edge activation from a contrasting mix of real estate.

A new benchmark for streetscape design and pedestrian mobility has been developed to enhance liveability and promote wellness and outdoor activation, while an extensive investigation into local flora created the foundation for a resilient green framework with emphasis on shading and water conservation.