Susan Irwine

Associate Consultant

Susan has been a Landscape Architect for approximately 18 years and involved with an extensive number of prestigious landscape schemes for both public and private clients dealing with the design, managing and implementation of both hard and soft landscape projects and also has skills in environmental assessment projects. Susan’s experience demonstrates her ability to play a key role in a wide variety of projects, whether the emphasis is on hard or soft landscape design or undertaking landscape and visual assessment work.

Susan works particularly well in a multi-disciplinary environment and enjoys the challenges associated with co-ordinating complex and exciting design projects. She is equally suited to all stages of the design process from project management, presentations, design team co-ordination through to working closely with contractors, on site, to deliver high quality projects.

Susan has also been involved with project managing, preparing, writing and co-ordinating a number of environmental assessments. Primarily focusing on landscape and visual assessments - which has included detailed descriptions of local character zones -, she has also contributed to SEA’s,and has represented Gillespies as an expert witness at a Public Local Enquiry hearing as part of the SLC Community Growth studies.

Susan Irwine
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