Karen Lees


Karen Lees is a Principal Landscape Architect and Planner with 15 years' experience across landscape planning and assessment, urban regeneration and landscape design. Having been at Gillespies for nine years, Karen has become an integral part of the practice's landscape planning team, helping to develop the firm's portfolio of landscape planning and assessment work, delivering high-profile infrastructure projects. Karen has worked with SP Manweb on a number of large grid connection projects, with responsibility for preparing Environmental Statements and supporting Development Consent Orders (DCO), standing as expert landscape and visual witness at DCO hearings, and participating in detailed stakeholder and community consultation. Karen's extensive experience of LVIA work has been capitalised in her role as an Environmental Overseeing Consultant for the peer review of LVIA documents for HS2.

Much of Karen's work involves the preparation of reports focused on landscape character, landscape capacity and sensitivity, and visual studies. Such work involves an appreciation of landscape and visual character informed by field assessment and site survey work, comprehensive research and collating relevant source information, and collaborative work with environmental consultants. Karen's expertise has also been used to carry out professional reviews of LVIAs and TVIAs to assist the planning process and in reviews of revised LVIAs in the light of changes to consented schemes subject to strict planning requirements.

Karen Lees
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